Vassili Orat’ and the objective music

Talent does what it wants, the genie does what it can. (Carmelo Bene ed)

Until now, we avoided the most important means of expression. The one that we can’t escape. We are talking about music.

 We, Criptic’art, don’t want to give a sterilized criticism of art pieces (we might already have done it), but to promote artistic creations that deserve it. We want do dedicate this week edition on the drummer Vassili Orat’

 30 seconds after he was born (1970, New Orleans) he started to collide with his own umbilical cord, yelling as babies do. His technique was already so developed he captivated this mother and the doctors : they couldn’t help themselves moving on the beat of music. The nurse who finally decided to cut the umbilical cord did it while dancing.

 All his incontrollable genius suddenly blew up as soon as he was born,  as if he had been waiting for his time to come during centuries, jailed in ancient times. And since then his style of playing drums never left him.

Outstanding drummer, he created a new rhythm, unknown before. It sounds as if you were listening at three drummers playing right at the same time/ perfectly synchronized.

Listen to it.

As you probably noticed it, Vassili screams disturb him during his own performance. They are his single default.  Every single time he plays drums, Vassili can’t help himself yelling as if he was tirelessly coming back to life. Exactly the same way he expressed himself 30 seconds after he was born.

A big problem, especially considering that is not enough to use an electric battery for exclude the annoying voice. Vassili’s voice generates a particular frequency that penetrates the sensors of any drum, and remains irremediably recorded.

Naturally Vassili can play without scream, but the result is this.

An alchemy essential for his genius. His screams and his technique are siameses, they need each other to exist/ they are inseparable the one from the other.

 This phenomenon can be explained by Georges IVANOVITCH Gurdjieff theory : the objective art. According to the philosopher, the contemporary Western art is subjective : a piece of art recognized as such can be liked by ones and disliked by others at the same time. While the objective art has the particularity to cause the same sensations to the people who look at them. Because it vibrates on the Universe frequency,  so on our bodies one.

And this is exactly the case for Vassili : every single one who listens to his music feels deeply uncomfortable.

 We do not know how to solve this matter which deprives Vassili of a relaxed performance and, most of all, deprives all of us of the most talented drummer on earth. Jo Jones, Don Brewer, John Bonham, Buddy Rich, are desesperately begging us to find a solution.

 This is why we are hereby asking if there is some sound engineer among our readers that would know how to “strain” this voice and let us enjoy the birth without the birth pangs, if you’ll forgive the expression.

In order to bring serenity to Vassily (which he deserves so much), we unfortunately don’t know what to do. According to our sources, he is currently planning to cut his vocal cords in order to be able to enjoy his instrument. If he did not did it already, it is only thanks to his belief that losing his voice would “break the spell” of his perfect, pure, stable, swift gesture.

 If there is a doctor among our readers, we are solemnly asking him to confirm or reserve the existence of such a danger. Thanks.

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