The Waiting Line Museum

By Rackham le Patriote

Today, we felt the need to open on our website, the space Museums for exhibition, and we explain why. The Museum, in our opinion, is not only a collection of objects of art, but also a container of living spectators that can become affected. No wonder then that we at Criptic’art feel the need to dwell on the importance of social and human Museum.

Somethime we will present here the museums that more than others have attracted our attention.

We’ll talk about today, the Waiting Line Museum. Yes, you read that right: “Waiting Line”, the place where all of us, from millionaire to homeless, we live the experience of a social life. And is here that comes to life comedy of jokes exchanged with the neighbor, the smiles discrete, the insults hurled at the scoundrels that surpass.

The museum was born in France brainchild of Fleur Pellerin, minister of culture, with the aim of giving a boost to the cultural region working North Pays de Calais. L ‘intention is to stimulate the territories in difficulty.

Residents have not remained indifferent, teased by experimenting with their own feet, many queues in which we encounter in the course of daily life: queues at the bank, at the museum, at the supermarket bearing the “ticket system”, and even a perfect reproduction of the tail machinery of a characteristic highway: noise, smog, smell, everything has been faithfully reproduced.

Welcome to the Waiting Line Museum! Here everyone can find the queue for their tastes.

We realize that it may seem like a museum least bizarre and even boring, but in fact has aroused a great deal. What luck for Chamboin, 7889 inhabitants, layoffs and skyrocketing strong tendency to gambling addiction. Recent surveys show that 98% of citizens with 20% of the free weekend, would be more than willing to visit the Waiting Line Museum.

Just think of the time in our lives we spend in a queue: we know people, we fight, we touch us, we send selfies, sometimes we fall in love. The museum has decided to satisfy even the incurably nostalgic, by installing several rows of the past. Among the most striking is that the banks’ 80s, when a thick glass protecting the cashier. Today, as we know, the advanced safety systems allow open spaces. And again, the rows of tents aroma of detergent second choice where, between a chat and the other, we placed almost without realizing it in large queues of Auchan, traveled with family on Saturday afternoon.

It ‘s all here, to make us relive the most intense moments of our lives.

 Here are the interviews of some workers come in large numbers at the inauguration. Crowded around the House of beer with his friends and the syndicate flag.

Desponges Gaspard, 57, sparse hair and gait gargantuan, has expressed his enthusiasm: “It ‘s wonderful for us of this zone, we now have access to culture. it makes us all feel a little artists. “

Between an interview and the other we did a little spree with them, united by a common passion and surrounded by the decoration of the separation barriers.

Glass in hand, we arrived to the exposure devoted to waiting lines of World War II, where we find in tears Lamagouille Yvette, 76 years: “It ‘just as once before, when he and my mom went to get bread with the ration card. sometimes we waited for nothing. When it happened that there wasn’t more bread, Mom take my hand very strong. Then I cried. ” We are not ashamed to say that next to Yvette, we too have shed our tears.

The interactive experience of the queues at the output of the museum, where they were born new activities encouraged by the influx of people: The House of Fried, The House of the crepe, and the truck of Baudoin, which ensures the sale and supply of caps and baby carriers.

Each shop contributes with its row to reproduce the atmosphere of the museum in real life.

Despite the enthusiasm, there have been criticisms.

In particular, the ranks of the Jews to board the train Nazis has been some confusion, but we believe that its lack would leave incomplete the museum. A place that shows the banality of evil.

Riots were also born surprise arrival of Stephen Hawkins.

the scientist has also complained of the lack in the ranks, of historical structures pursuant to the disabled. The museum is justifying saying that their queues breed in every way the original, and that attention to the needs of disabled people was born only recently.

We do not want to enter in the choices of the museum, but in general our judgment is positive. Very successful experiment liven life of the workers of the area who encouraged by the way the birth of spontaneous queues in commercial activities attracted by the event. Files that are a mise en abime the same museum.

We want to support the museum, the founders and the inhabitants of the region, creating new code to suggest them.

Do not hesitate to use our space to indicate that museums deserve due recognition in our section.

See you soon on Museums for exhibition.

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