The invisibility of awareness

“asdjsaklfj sadjsa aa” (the blindness is the better of senses)


We don’t know the work of chinese painter Peng Melokio. We can’t evaluate the quality of his work because his wife gave them all to the flames after the death of his husband, to warm up the family in the icy winter of ’63. The children testified that they had never seen her mother so euphoric.

So why we talk about him?

Just to show how art can change not only the lives of those who love it, but also that of those who did not appreciate it.

The artist used to refer the family to long and stressful meetings, where the artist forced them for hours observing his works in silence. He argued that a painting to be understood does not need any comment. Believed any interpretation an insult to the work, a way to try to explain the sensations that the picture had failed to convey.

The daughter of Peng, Kopri Melokio, was a very gifted writer. At the age of five years, in Christmas day, recited his poems to the family. But was often interrupted by his father that too focused on himself, did not appreciate the talent of his daughter.

Kopri perhaps frustrated by the inability to express his art and be forced to appreciate only that of his father, he adopted a strange form of protest: her bandaged her eyes. Her father was horrified and offended by this choice and when he was enraged, he tore the bandage from her daughter’s eyes. But she continued to keep their eyes closed, determined not want never more look at the paintings of his father. Unfortunately, however, she could no longer write her poems.

The form of protest over the years assumed a different aspect. The not see gave to Kopri a deeper understanding of the world. she spoke about awesome sensations, deep, sincere. Unknown experiences. More intense scents, heavenly music that before she did not appreciate.

She decided to never see more.

And she don’t felt the need to write even more, satisfied by listening of the world. However, the sisters spurred to write her feelings because they just hearing her speak, felt intense happiness. They wanted everyone could enjoy this and achieve what they called the lightness of a child and the awareness of an adult.

When his father died, Kopri was 40 years old. The news shocked her that felt the pain and release at the same time. She stayed locked in her room for days. Her consciousness of life suddenly changed and she wanted to return to see. She was afraid, however, that this sudden gesture would break the magic of the knowledge that she had achieved.

Then she wrote a book.

The worried sisters, behind the door ask to her if she was all right. She was radiant and she calmed they. The words exit free from the pen, without obstacles. That book was the path of her life: childhood with his father, the willful blindness, still that moment when she writing. She said that she would never been able to remember never of her words, after being imprisoned on the paper. Then, she tore off the blindfold, ran out and solemnly gave the sheet to the sisters.

We show an excerpt that they gave us:

“Nmn mvc, nhgjkdf hsanxmnc. Sksjfnx mnsdjz sjdfj zxncmnc <s <asnnan cnzxm vncvmxc zxjdnajsndknsajkcxmn cjnxcjknjk sndjkns djknnx cnxnnzkn xkncjkzx kcnzjkx. Dfsd nj fkns djknnzmnx mnmnNJDmn samn, Nd smnm <md nsa, nfsmdfns dn dsfnskdnff s dfjsdnfsndf SDDS jdfn csd f cn d dfnslkd jnjkfsd sd nfjsdmf n d sldkgporjr sdfdsjfsd.”

Kopri Melokio disciple and master of life, she could not convert her thoughts, in the art of writing. That band that gave her happiness, prevented her to give us her teachings, preventing her from seeing what she wrote.

We were sorry to give us the sad news to the illiterate sisters.

Nevertheless, we want to thanks she for trying and always remember the name by she signed herself at the end of the book.

Thanks, dmsnx Jdmsdn

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