Je suis Charlie?

We return to post after the break week.

Charlie Hebdo. People killed by the strong powers, how much strong, no one knows. Somebody speak about CIA in contact with the ISIS, and other indiscretions less and less indiscreet. In any case, the news sure is that 12 people died while working. Apparently killed by someone who despised the work of Charlie Hebdo, newspaper that during his activity had published comics about religious nature. So death for nothing. Soon we’ll forget and return to our daily activities.

Death for nothing. Why managers are irrelevant. CIA? ISIS? We don’t know them, and we do not know who controlled them. And why they make these disastrous attacks, causing death and suffering? We do not know that either. We believe that the decision is taken by some lost men, ready to kill to not aware the fact that their life are a mistake. And on the suffering, not of the dead that certainly does not suffer, as the living, relatives, friends, all we speculate a bit: journalists are happy to fill the palimpsest; politicians are happy that these tragedies will divert attention from their misdeeds; we are always eager to show our point of view, putting one or two like on the post that talks about it, or making Selfie where we show a sign saying “Je suis Charlie”.

And we also, Criptic’art, we exploit the clamor to exit a bit from the anonymity.

So “Je suis Charlie”?

Of course not. I will not ever die for my ideas, I’d rather live to have time to assimilate them and develop them. Then, I have not died, they are. And above all, I feel involved in this tragedy, as in any other in the world, and so why “be only Charlie”? Why give attention to this tragedy in particular? I say so, but in the meantime I find myself writing about Charlie Hebdo. I also give importance only to what happens in the occident? Yeah, sometimes it is good to admit that “Je suis égoïste”.

The event itself does not teach us anything: who is pro death continue to be so. Is why on our site we preferred to write about art rather than policy. The art teaches us something: to transform the ugly in beautiful. The harrowing events or even the horrible suffering of Van Gogh or Francis Bacon can become beautiful. Every atrocity is purified if translated into art. Art teaches us to live, to kill the death and turn it in life. We appreciate the comics that are coming out these days on the subject, not because playing down the event, but because they convert a bloody fact in something beautiful: a comics.

For copyright reasons we cannot publish the beautiful comics from the web, so we improvise one.

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