Artpx, the photo photographer

No one photo was mistreated during the writing of this article.

Today we are going to discover an artist, a photographer, who opened his website in 2009. Talking about art is the work of Cripticart, and we are even more pleased to talk about it when some new artistic genres are invented: the photographic hyperrealism.

We know this artist by his pseudonym, Artpx, but we do not know his true identity. Exactly like the writer Elena Ferrante, Artpx prefers to remain anonymous. He is a passionate photographer, who built a dark house some years ago. It is a dark room that is as big as the whole house. He closed the windows, the blinds and everything that could ruin the darkness necessary to develop his beloved photos. He remained closed to print photos for months, not even going out to get food. Then, having finished printing all the negatives that he had available, he finally decided to go out to take new photos. What a disappointment ! He discovered that a new building had been built in front of his house not permitting  him to go out! The new buildings had completely surrounded his home thus making him the prisoner of his own dark room. He did not lose courage and picked up his computer-  he decided to ask for help on the internet. Entering his site he realized that so many photographers had sent him a lot of magnificent photographs of all types!

Landscapes, beautiful women dressed and naked, abstract photos, lovely animals, all at his service. “Why do I need to leave my house? I already have photos that I won’t be able to shoot even in a lifetime!” And he had a great idea. He wanted to become the first photo photographer. Yes, he wanted to print one of the many photos that people had put at his disposal and take a new photograph of  it, identical to the previous one. In fact, as a lover of realism, he did not want to modify the original photo in any way.

People sometime ask to him: “Is it not better to print the photos that you receive?” He usually answers: “No, this is coping. I’m a photographer, I have to photograph them. Mine are original photos.”

Since then, he is happy in his bunker, where he earns a living by providing printing service of the photos on his site, and selling original photos.

” There is no difference seeing his photos of the photos, compared to seing the original ones” says Giorgio Mangiapani, philosopher, “Artpx invented a new art, which could be called hyper photo realism, or photographic hyperrealism”.

The power of art is in opening new doors to our vision of life, helping us to understand ourselves and our abilities. While we were reproducing these screenshots necessary for  writing this article, for example, we felt like artists too! Therefore with enthusiasm we wish Artpx to continue its work, interpreting  the shots and disseminating  the works of many photographers, showing all the beauties of our planet.

Thanks Artpx

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