Angoulême, France. Grids on benches: useful but not beautiful.

Homelessness’s problem in Angoulême, France, has reached an unbearable levels. So today, on Monday, we publish exceptionally this article of extreme urgency, to boot badly translated. Also the “Corriere della Sera” an italian newspaper, publish this news:

To stem the homeless problem, as we know, the town of Angoulême had the laudable initiative to install the grids around the benches, to prevent homeless people to sleep on it. These bums, in fact, have the habit to exploiting the benches for their comforts, and then abandon them regardless of the lack of decorum. Grids are certainly useful, but let’s face it, not beautiful.

We are sensitive to art, so we propose other solutions that solve the problem and that also have an aesthetic function. The eye wants its part.

We realize that they are just sketches, and we apologize for the imperfect language translation, but we believe that time is a crucial factor, and we want to present our proposals to the town hall of Angoulême as soon as possible.

Let’s join forces! You published in the comments below your proposals.


Let’s go! We eliminate once and for all the problem of the homeless!

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