Rediscovered Gioconda

Recent studies on the Mona Lisa the most famous painting in the world, have illuminate new details that had never been noticed. Observing the work carefully, you can clearly see a monster that emerges from a branch of the river in the background. Because he had never been noticed before now? Some experts claim that the creature was probably mistaken for a mountain, some even continue to deny its presence. In fact it is a frightening detail, that so far as our eye was filtered. But now, it can’t be forgotten even by the most skeptical.

Seeing the Framework from this new perspective we note that the same Gioconda it is a little less joyful, and looks visibly worried about the imminent danger that the threat from behind.

Why Leonardo has included this element in his painting, anticipating the fantasy genre a few centuries? From here on, we can only hazard some hypothesis. Mona Lisa, the only painting that Leonardo has always brought with him, the artist transformed himself into a work of art, entering the picture and converted him in the Mona Lisa and in the background, “making himself a Masterpiece” (Carmelo Bene ed.)

Perhaps the monster represents the fears harbored in the heart of Leonardo? We do not know if our interpretation is correct, but it is a vision of Mona Lisa and the life that we like: the shadow looming behind us, causing us to lose the “smile.” This smile that changes over the centuries, such as the background and the whole work is a living thing, and is not limited to crystallize onto a surface. The Framework is home of Leonardo. Enlightened man, too different from his contemporaries to be able to live happily in our dimension, he created one in which they can be at ease, that of painting in which the genius always found refuge.

Even now this alien may move freely within the painting. A painting that every vision reveals a new detail, as life does. A painting that makes it immortal Leonardo.

A painting in which the Genius can continue to live.
And we with him.

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