Know yourself, and leave me alone

Today, we will talk about an art that we have forgottent until now. This is the most important art, much more spontaneous and natural than music : the art of living.

It’s no secret that modern life takes us away more and more from Nature. By Nature with a capital N, we mean the entire Universe. The comfort offered by modern society keeps us away from the essence of things. Think about a native Indian back in the old days : he produced his bow directly from a tree, at least he knew with no doubt the manufacturing process. Same thing for most of the objects he got. Now, look around you; for how many of your own objects could you specify the exact origin ? Personnaly, not many.

Because of this gap we have created between us and our environment, we end up being unhappy and unbalanced. Living in our cocoon, surrounded by technologies, we focus on the unnecessary and have trouble giving a real sense to our life. And now the question is no more “Where does this object come from?” but “Where am I from?”. Completely lost, we call for help, we look for men and women capable of guiding us on the path of wisdom; and these men and women often come from spiritualities such as hinduism or buddhism.

But ready to do anything to get better, it happens that we people being abused by crooks.

Sometimes, we do not distinguish the authentic from the sham and we are forced to deal with unpleasant situations, as described in this report made by our video reporter Clara Bella

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