Have fun, but be careful with fireworks.

Even today we are forced to publish an extraordinary article for another emergency. After another blooding New Year’s day, it is essential to do everything possible to curb the misuse of New Year’s fireworks.

In Naples in particular, exuberant and beautiful city, unfortunately every year many people are hurt or even killed during the celebrations. The other last night was no exception.

For centuries, many artists sensible to this problem have dedicated their best works to this subject. Most works are known to all, but it is good to see them together.

[cml_media_alt id='426']VanGogh-starry_night_ballance1[/cml_media_alt]Fig 1 – New Year’s day in Naples 1 (V. Van Gogh).

Fig 2 – New Year’s day in Naples 2 (V. Van Gogh).

Fig 3 – New Year’s day in Naples 2 (P. Picasso).

Fig 4 – Man Neapolitan who has lost a child in the New Year’s day of Naples (V. Van Gogh).

Fig 5 – Family Neapolitan forced to stay at home for fear of fireworks (V. Van Gogh).

Fig 6 – Self-portrait while watching the fireworks from the balcony (V. Van Gogh).

Fig 7 – Last kiss to his dead girlfriend, with severed hands in the explosion of a “triccotracco” (G.Klimt).

Fig 8 – Pitiful mother that stops disturbed father, awakened by a “Botta with whistle” shot by his son (Caravaggio).

Fig 9 – Father who draws up a list of family members dead after New Year’s day in Naples, with skull’s favorite son (Caravaggio).

Fig 10 – Young man enjoying the fun while New Year’s day, despite the lack of fireworks. (Caravaggio).

Fig 11 – Householder doing the sermon on the danger of fireworks, during the dinner (Leonardo da Vinci).

Fig 12 – Nose marred by “Pallone of Maradona” (Piero della Francesca).

Fig 13 – 33 year old boy injured by “minicicciolo”, carried on a stretcher by paramedics (Giotto).

Fig 14 – Graffito representative fleeing antelope, completely charred by a “Fuja FUJA” (Cave of Altamira – Spain).

Fig 15 – Ferment during a move made necessary after that a “Satanello” launched awkwardly and returned home, has irrevocably changed the structure (MC Esher).

Fig 16 – Same house seen from the outside (MC Esher).

Fig 17 – Colosseum. Ambitious Roman sculpture, representing a building gutted by fireworks (Vespasian, Titus, Domitian).

Fig 18 – Abu Simbel. Sculpture of a man killed by a firework, while with family, attending to the fires on the balcony. (Ramses II)

Fig 19 – Futurist poster, that with two months in advance warns citizens of the danger of fireworks. (F.T.Marinetti)

Fig 20 – Not begun painting, because the author lost both hands due to the explosion of a “Magnum”. (John Sperantutti said “Shooter”)

Listen to them, and Happy New Year!

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