Adam and UFOs

This week we want to address an interesting topic that has not yet been sufficiently addressed: UFOs in Renaissance paintings.

The question that the scientific and spiritual world are looking for a answer is: there is intelligent life in the universe? In an attempt to find an answer to this pressing question, we will investigate the artistic and especially the Renaissance period.

It’s in this flourishing period that the west Europe gets rid of the dark medieval cage and as a child in solitary confinement for too long time in his room, escape to discover the planet. And over. The artists represent themes in their works that had less to less to do with religion. Timidly at first, to escape the austere control of the Church, then more to more manifest. So the mystery, dangerous but fascinating, increasingly takes precedence over faith, reassuring but monotonous. Increasingly, a light in the sky is interpreted as the presence of an E.T. than of an angel. And the artist gets to work, reproducing what his soul and his eyes see.

The famous painting Virgin and Child with the Young Saint John is an excellent proof.

But not the only, nor the most famous.

How many of you have seen the Sistine Chapel ceiling in great detail? There are some obvious details of where we want to focus your attention, and not in a peripheral area of the work. We talking about none other than the Creation of Adam by Michelangelo Buonarroti, as we know, dates back to 1511, the undisputed masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance.

It’s all been said all and the opposite of all on this work, so now we come to the first of two special “hidden”. Here it is, a hat that looks like Michelangelo rested on the head of Adam.

Let’s leave out the reasons why it has not been yet discussed about this small but interesting detail, well aware of the reluctance of the Church to treat issues of this type. We also know that the conditioning of more than two thousand years of church doctrine leads us to have blurred vision.

What’s this? An alien spacecraft? Or really a hat that the artist has inserted almost to mock the smallness of human in face to greatness of God? The theories may overlap to infinity, except that Michelangelo comes to our rescue, adding the second and most important detail, which is located in the heart of the work: the indices that touch but do not touch, as very effective metaphor for the spark life passing by the Creator to the creature forged. some point to the inaccessibility of the divine perfection by man. Others argue that the eagerly approach is not the case now, but it’s already “in progress”.

But are we really sure that the indices do not touch themselves?

To find out, you need to free your eyes and soul by external influences.


And here he revealed. A cute green alien appears in the index of God and Adam, with the evident intention of want them to join. As you can see, we wanted to take you to the alien progressively, showing first the ship from which we think he was descended.





As always, there are many questions that can’t be answered. For example, what reasons led Michelangelo to place at the center of one of his most ambitious works, this mysterious character? And above all, why he’s so different than the rest of the work by reducing significantly the quality? It seems added from a witty bloggers. We do not know if Michelangelo had met aliens or if he was one, but at this point no theory seems absurd. It could be an answer to the great mystery of the missing ring? We know that in ancient times human intelligence has undergone a sudden and inexplicable jump. There was perhaps an external intervention? We do not know, but maybe Michelangelo do, and this would explain the reasons why his alien has taken so blatantly rough compared to the rest of the fresco. He, with his benevolent smile play a fundamental role in the evolution of man. He does not need the accuracy that the author has ever given to the other characters. He exist, that’s all we need to know. Even with his features so coarse, he exist.


The union made possible by the alien, makes the man purchases intelligence and approaching the divine.

Perhaps because of this detail, Michelangelo gives us the key to one of the greatest mysteries of humanity.

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